What are JAZZ JAMS?

If you are a musician or vocalist please feel free to join us! We have jazz jam every Wednesday, starting at 7pm and ending at 9pm. Our Jazz Jams are open to anyone, all ages, who can play and sing.

Located at Studio 116 - 116 West Main St. - Farmington, NM 87417

A set list will be made to help those who are practicing and learning new standards. They have about a week to practice the music, then come Wednesday Night, we all jam! We are currently on year two in our Jazz Jam Development Plan, which means, music will be memorized by the participants. 

We appreciate all your hard work!


Jazz Jam set

July 10, 2019

Canteloupe Island

Freddie The Freeloader


Tenor Madness

Night and Day

All Blues

Fly Me To The Moon 

Cold Duck Time

When I Fall In Love 

Strange Meeting


Strausburg St Denis


The Chicken

our 3 year plan

San Juan Jazz Society - Jazz Jam Plan

3 Year development plan

Year One - Participants attend jazz workshop performing jazz jams. Learning tunes and soloing.

Year Two - Participants will memorize tunes and take solos - no music. Participants are to seek private lessons. 

Year Three - Participants will have no music. No set list will be available. Participants will continue learning standards.  

what does our community play?